President’s Message

Going beyond to continue being useful to society

CEO, Makoto Ohnishi

Atect is a company that is being structured from three different businesses to four. In the semiconductor materials business, we manufacture spacer tapes that protect LSIs for FPDs (Flat Panel Displays), which holds more than 70% of the global market share. In the sanitary testing equipment business, we mainly sell microbiological testing equipment such as petri dishes and culture media, which are mainly used for testing safety standards in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, directly to many customers in Japan. We are also expanding our business to the field that plays a role in medical testing. In addition, by injection molding metals and ceramics, we have succeeded in establishing our own PIM (Powder Injection Molding) technology, which forms shapes and materials that were impossible with conventional processing methods. We are expanding into growth fields such as related equipment fields and industrial equipment mechanical parts fields. In 2017, when we moved to Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture, we acquired a large piece of land and a new office building, and entered the real estate rental business as our fourth business with geographical advantages. These businesses are valuable values ​​that are useful to our society, which all employees gathered, started, and built up, centering on the generations before the generations. "Oh, you can do that. ', we will continue to be a useful presence in society as a "manufacturing" company that can deliver value to all industrial business fields, and we will devote ourselves to becoming an indispensable business partner. We appreciate your continued support.