Corporate Information, Brief history

Semiconductor materials business

To produce the world’s LCD-TVs (liquid-crystal-display TVs) and other unique products

Global market share: 70%

Sanitation inspection equipment business

The top sanitation inspection equipment maker producing both petri dishes and culture medium

The No. 1 domestic producer of petri dishes by volume.

PIM operations

The world’s leading PIM maker of consistent materials, molds, injection molding, and sintering furnaces.

There are very few PIM makers that make both MIM (Metal Injection Molding) and CIM (Cera… Injection Molding).

Corporate Information

Trade name atect Corp.
Foundation October 10, 1959
Establishment April 23, 1969
Head office location 3275-1, Kami-haneda-cho, Higashi-omi City, Shiga Pref.
Capitalization 775,841,000 yen
Related companies atect Korea Corp.
atect Engineering Corp.
CEO Makoto Ohnishi
Directors Takaki Sugiyama
Masanobu Ishiyama
Kenta Fukui
Auditors Yoshihisa Higuchi
Kuniharu Kusachi
Ryouko Hashimoto
Operating officer Yoshitaka Fukushima
Tsuyoshi Yokota
Akira Tokumoto
Masanobu Momoi
Atsushi Wada
Number of employees Non-consolidated: 55 [16], consolidated: 101 [40]
(As of March 31, 2018)
*Number of full-time employees; part-time and temporary workers are indicated in brackets [ ].
Bank MUFG Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Shiga Bank
Shoko Chukin Bank
Japan Finance Corporation

Brief history

The company’s predecessor made buttons for clothes, I-type submarines, and insulator parts for thermosetting resins on train cars before World War II.
In October 1959, it began manufacturing as the Dainichi Kasei industrial factory. It started making a wide range of objects including a plastic mold business, cocks for gas appliances, cosmetics containers, and cam designs for sewing machines. To improve accuracy, we began to make molds in house.
After that, it expanded into plastic film speaker vibration plates. On April 23, 1969, it incorporated as Dainichi Kasei Corp.

April, 1969
Establishment of Dainichi Kasei Corp.
April, 1990
Began manufacturing spacer tape.
March, 1994
Began manufacturing petri dishes.
May, 1996
The petri dish division split off as Full-Steri Corp. and made a new factory.
Began selling agar petri dishes and kits.
May, 2003
Newly integrated the headquarters, factory and warehouse. Name was changed to atect Corp.
March, 2004
Acquired ISO9001 certification.
June, 2006
Acquired ISO14001 certification.
June, 2006
Listed shares on JASDAQ.
October, 2006
Established atect Korea Corp.
Started Powder Injection Mold (PIM) business.
January, 2010
Established atect Progressive and Innovative Manufacturing Corp.
September, 2010
Established 上海昂統快泰商貿有限公司 in Shanghai.
October, 2016
atect Progressive and Innovative Manufacturing Corp. changed its name to atect Engineering Corp.
April, 2017
The headquarters was moved to Higashi-omi City, Shiga Prefecture.
june, 2021
Introduced executive officer system and launched new system.