Semiconductor Materials Business

We develop and manufacture protective products and parts that respond to customer needs, such as the spacer tape used in information electronic equipment parts.
We offer reliability and stability through our various patented products related to the high integration and microfabrication of electronic parts.

Business Features

1atect maintains the world’s top share with its spacer tape.

Spacer tape is a material that protects the film substrate in manufacturing and transporting processes that is found in LSI drivers in liquid-crystal-display TVs and the liquid-crystal displays on PCs. atect has the top global share in spacer tape used for TAB and COF and mold spacer tape for PAT.
We are aggressively developing sales strategies in marketplaces where there is demand such as China and Europe, while continuing to develop new applications based on strong sales performance.

2Developing optimal spacer tape for the popular 4K TV and liquid-crystal-display TVs.

atect has been focused on the popular thin-type liquid-crystal and plasma TVs, which consume less power and last a long time.
Applying our knowhow in LSI driver used in liquid-crystal displays, we developed the optimal spacer tape to protect LSI drives in liquid crystals for flat TVs.
We support high resolution and high definition liquid-crystal TVs through perfected particle measures.

3Introducing clean equipment at the class 10,000 level. The world’s top-class clean ranking.

A very important part of the spacer-tape manufacturing process is the particle measures.

At atect, to replicate the same manufacturing environment as our customer, we install as many doors as necessary as well as a class 10,000-level clean room. This prevents the contamination and adhesion of very small, micron-level foreign substances.

Also, the top coating protects against carbon defluxion. The spacer tape continues to improve and respond to product needs.

4A manufacturing site in Korea, advances in other Asian countries.

Asia has a large stake in the liquid-crystal display sector.

We established a subsidiary in Korea to give our semiconductor materials business a manufacturing and sales base in the region.

We aim to expand atect’s brand in Asia, which leads liquid-crystal industry, and establish an overwhelming presence in the world market.

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