atect aims for sustainable development on a corporate and societal level by creating products that contribute to society.

Sanitation Inspection Equipment Business

Interest in food safety is rising year by year.
The sanitation inspection equipment business aims to preserve and contribute to food safety by expanding the sales of inspection equipment, entrusted inspections, and inspection training.
We are also supporting the sanitation management activities of food-product companies by spreading the one-day delivery system for required products.

PIM Business

We are developing automotive products that are gentle on the earth such as parts for next-generation turbo chargers and ceramic parts for hybrid and electric vehicles.
Also, through expansion of the unique near-net-shape manufacturing in the PIM process, we can eliminate secondary and tertiary processing and reduce the environmental impact when making parts.

Semiconductor Materials Business

Our central product in the semiconductor material business, spacer tape, is needed in the manufacturing of liquid-crystal-display TVs (LCD-TVs), which are sold throughout the world.
We are proud of our 70% global market share for spacer tape and feel a heavy sense of responsibility. We work to stabilize the supply of this product, so that people can enjoy the comfort of television throughout the world.

Environmental Efforts

We are extracting information on a variety of environmental aspects to lessen our burden on the environment.


atect is going paperless in all of its meetings and has realized a savings of more than 15,000 sheets of paper a year.


We recycle most of the polystyrene resin waste created when making the main product in our sanitation inspection equipment business, petri dishes.


We formed an energy reduction committee, which has visualized energy reduction through a demand-monitoring system that reduces standby electric power during the night and days off.

Also, in order to comply with the basic environmental law and other related environmental regulations, we have put into effect an environmental management system that complies with ISO14000:2004.

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