Brand Message

Corporate Brand

The “a” in atect is the first letter of the alphabet, which signifies the top or lead. The letter suggests that we will continue to be the lead runner in global markets. Also, the red e in the middle of the logo suggests an egg giving birth to new technologies and businesses. It has an egg-shaped font design.

As a New Business Incubator, we want to continue to take heretofore unknown technologies and ways of doing things and nurture them into businesses.

Brand Identity

Forging the future through passion and innovation

Our corporate culture is expressed as “forging the future through passion and innovation”.
We choose a market and work to become the leading company through wisdom and planning.

Brand Promise

  • We listen to our customer’s requests and respond to meet them in any way possible.
  • While operating our existing stable businesses, we challenge ourselves to innovate in new ways.
  • We continue to grow through original technology and teamwork.